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Da Polisher Kit Polishers

This is a great set of two action buffers and dual action sanders for the car industry. The kit includes the two most popular polishing machines on the market, the da polisher and the polishing machine. This set up allows you to use the power of the da polisher to clean anysurface without having to go over it multiple times. The dual action buffer and sander are easy to use and are good for any type of surface you want to polish. The kit also includes a 120 vac warranty.

Discount Da Polisher Kit Polishers Price

This is a kit that includes a dual action car polisher. It can be used to clean and polish ones car. The polisher can also be used to remove scratches, dust and other startup dust and debris. It is also equipped with a pad kit that helps to keep the polisher working well and reducing time to code.
this is atorque 10fxrandom orbital polisher kit. It includes the following:
1) torq buf501x 10fx random orbital polisher
2) 10fx polisher
3) matte black
4) white
5) red
6) blue
7) green
8) yellow
9) gray
10) black
the da polisher kit offers 12 pads for use with its dual-action polisher, making it perfect for waffle foaming or finishing. The kit also includes a foam polishing pad, making it perfect for just-in-time polishing.